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Hotel and Residential Safe

Hoteliers provide reasonable care to ensure that guests have a safe and secure stay by providing in room electronic hotel safes for the convenience of your guests. Some of the finest hotel and hospital chains rely on A1 Quality electronic hotel safes. Don’t leave these documents passport, visa credit cards, air tickets and cash or jewelry unprotected secure them in the hotel in room safe with the most advanced features. Your vacation rental guests enter there own personal combination each time they open the hotel wall safe while management keeps the master card key to override lockouts. Our simple to program safes for hospital rooms have large ADA approved telephone type soft-touch keypad for added operator assurance. Personal code displays while code is being entered. Patients who have any valuables such as money or jewelry can keep them in the hospital room safes to ensure their safety during their stay there. Hotel residential electronic safe, with its easy installation, maintenance, and management features has become a popular hotel in room safe in the hospitality industry. Designed with the vacation travelers in mind, our hotel room security safe can adequately secure digital cameras, money and cell phones in the staff friendliest safe made.

If you have any question, please call our friendly expert technician that can help you choose the in room hotel safe that’s best for you.




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