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Floor Safes

A1 Quality in floor safes offer an affordable alternative to larger freestanding safes with the added protection of being hidden in the floor. When properly installed in concrete. The sentry in floor safes provide excellent fire and burglary protection.
Amsec in floor safes come in a wide variety of designs ranging from the B rated Super Brute, Brute and Mini Brute square body to the STAR OR MAJOR C rated round lift out door floor safes. You may customize your floor safe with a deposit slot in the door, deposit chute, key locking dial or electronic keypad lock just to name a few.
Keep in mind that the ability of any protective device to deter theft is a function of time. Generally, pretty thieves lack the patience, tools or experience to break into a properly installed in floor safes.

Even experienced burglars turn away from security devices wich require special tools and many minutes of privacy, or which create a lot of noise when attacked forcibly.Concequently, installing your sentry in floor safe in or on a concrete floor offers the maximum degree of security.
A1 Quality digital electronic Floor safes save you money with free shipping and 50% off sale. Sentry in floor safes review best discount price Amsec large hidden electronic fireproof home in floor safes install cheap electronic Hayman in floor safes.
If you have any question, please call our friendly expert technician that can help you choose the floor safe that’s best for you.
High Security Lock Floor Safe
  floor safes
Star Round Lift Out door Floor Safe
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Super Brute Rectangular
B Rate Square Body Floor Safe

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